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About Document Preparation for Classical Languages, Second Edition



Published August 2010; xiv + 218 pages.  Second printing with corrections issued in November 2010.  Published by Greentop Publishing.

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General Information

This book is intended to help people who need to prepare high-quality documents using many languages or unusual characters.  Written mainly from the perspective of scholars in fields such as Classics, Biblical Studies, Medieval Studies, and Linguistics, it will also be useful to anyone who deals with multilingual text. Editors and typesetters who work with authors in these fields will also find it helpful, even if they do not have a specialist’s knowledge of the field.  The book is divided into two parts.


Part I provides essential information about font and character issues. 

·       What is Unicode and what advantages does it provide for multilingual writing and typesetting?

·       How do “smart fonts” based on OpenType or Apple Advanced Typography work?  What can they do for multilingual authors as well as for typographers?

·       What software currently supports the specialized needs of scholars?

·       How does one choose a font for a project?  What fonts are available that meet the needs of scholars?  What if the font that must be used does not have the characters needed for a project?

·       How can one easily enter text in a variety of languages or that contains specialized characters not found on keyboards?

·       What Unic0de-based tools are available for editors to mark up and create texts?


Part II discusses the needs of those who work in particular languages and fields of study:

·       Latin and Old Italic

·       Greek, both classical and biblical

·       Hebrew

·       Medieval Studies

·       Linguistics


Additional chapters cover the printing of poetry with metrical markings and typesetting conventions in various languages.


Both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows™ are covered fully.  The book is illustrated with many screen shots and includes a glossary of specialized terms. The second edition has been completely updated to take account of currently available software and changes in Unicode. 


About the Author

David J. Perry has been interested in how computers can support the work of teachers and scholars for many years.  In addition to the earlier edition of this book, he created the CL Fonts package for Latin teachers and the Cardo font for scholars.  He has presented workshops on font and character issues at professional conferences.  He has also successfully proposed several characters for inclusion in Unicode and has supplied fonts to the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae and other scholarly projects.  He is a full time Latin teacher in New York State and co-author of Book III of Ecce Romani: A Latin Reading Program, published by Pearson Prentice Hall.


Refunds and Warranty

I do not offer refunds.  Before placing an order, please read the contents, introduction and sample chapters offered above to see whether you will like the book.  Problems with the printed versions (shipping damage, etc.) should be addressed to customer service at CreateSpace or (whichever you purchased the book from).


Information in this book is provided to help users find appropriate ways to prepare their documents. It is the responsibility of each user to evaluate any product or procedure mentioned to see whether it is suitable for his or her needs. Although great care has been taken in the preparation of this information, it is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind. In no event shall David J. Perry be liable for difficulties with or damage to any computer system or data file caused by use of any product or procedure mentioned in this book.  Your purchase of the book indicates your acceptance of these terms.



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